Pro Trainer Dressage Saddle

Individually hand made by English master saddlers in Walsall UK, from the finest quality English leather, the Pro Trainer is fast becoming a popular competition saddle as it has enhanced rider dressage scores.

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Designed, tested and prototyped in Australia by master horseman and saddler, Heath Harris.

“As a professional trainer, I have always thought that there must be a better way to design and build a dressage saddle.? I’ve created a uniquely different style of dressage saddle that eliminates some of the inherent problems with traditional dressage saddles.

“The Pro Trainer has multiple choice stirrup bar adjustment and a flared panel for an estimated 25 per cent better weight distribution and support over the horse’s back than any other dressage saddle.

“A true deepness of seat is achieved by a complete reconstruction of the tree, which gives the horse true freedom through the shoulder.

“By dropping the neck of the seat behind the pommel, a far more efficient and deeper seat is created, backed up by specially constructed knee pads for possibly the most secure dressage saddle ever built.

“If you are one of those riders who leans backwards or forwards, this saddle has been built with what we term a ‘correctional’ seat that balances you into our unique flat area of the saddle. The Pro Trainer will definitely go a long way towards achieving a much more centred and balanced position. The better balanced you are, the better your horse performs.

“The Pro Trainer also was designed to help whether you’re training young horses that are sometimes fractious, or training the higher dressage movements.” Heath Harris, international master saddler & horse trainer.


Gullet:? Medium

Weight:? 8.5 kg

Sizes: ? 15” - 18” incl. half sizes (38cm  - 45.7cm)

Colours:? Black or Chocolate Brown




(Please note that sizes and weight may

vary slightly as all saddles are handmade)


Key Features:

✔ Built on a laminated beechwood spring tree designed by master saddler & international horse trainer, Heath Harris, to achieve a better centre of balance

✔ Far deeper seat and higher cantle than the average dressage saddle for peak security, closeness to your horse and a correctional seat

✔ Radically flared panels for 25% better weight distribution compared to most other dressage saddles 

✔ Huge thigh roll with saddle individually hand molded over

✔ Each saddle panel individually flocked with pure wool fleece to suit your horse, with refitting included in purchase price✔✔ 

✔ Matching stirrup leathers, girth available.

✔ if needed, warranty conditons apply???




Download (printable) .pdf information sheet here ................- Download Price List

Pro Trainer Dressage SaddlePro Trainer Dressage SaddlePro Trainer Dressage SaddlePro Trainer Dressage Saddle

PRICE:? $4,550

Available is sizes 15” to 18” (including half inch sizes) in black (Pro Trainer) and chocolate brown (Competitor Show Saddle with more streamlined blocks).

Mounts not included - need matching accessories? Click here

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Price including GST ex Mount White, NSW. 

*** Please Note: we don't custom make. All of our saddles are off the rack and most saddles are available for immediate shipment. ***

(Transport arranged via Australia Post to your door, at additional cost).

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