Trick Riding Saddle (Black)

(Trick Riding Saddle)


The Trick Riding Saddle is the saddle used by the ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ trick riding team in NSW. It is also used by ‘ Girls, Girls, Girls’ West Australia and a number of other trick riders around the country. The design of this saddle has evolved over a number of years to create what we believe to be an ideal saddle for the sport of trick riding. All hand holds are double reinforced by inserted rawhide. It features an extremely low front and back and extended double rigging.


Quarterhorse Bars   |   Gullet: 6.5” 16.5cm   |   Cantle: 2“   |   Total Length: 28”   |   Total Width 23“  |  Horn 6”  |   Weight 16.5kg incl rear girth & versalia oxbows   |   Seat Size: 15“

(downloadable .pdf info. sheet)

matching accessories available – Hippodrome Straps, Drag Straps , breastplate

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