Fender Barrel Racer

(Fender Saddle)

$2,850 (Bare)

Fender Barrel Racer – Heath Harris’ innovative design for a sleeker barrel racing saddle features butterfly rigging to get you closer to your horse,  naturally oak-tanned leather – lightweight & durable. The detail is awesome with fancy rawhide cheyanne roll and great edge stamping.  A comfortable suede seat tops it off.

Our Fender Saddles now come comes standard lined with plush, medical grade synthetic sheepskin to distribute weight on your horse for superior horse comfort.

(downloadable .pdf info. sheet )


HRSCo. Saddle Tree   |  Gullet: 5.5” 14cm |   Knee pads: 5” 12.7cm |   Knee pad angle: 50 degrees |   Cantle: 3.5” 8.9cm |   Seat dish: 1” 2.5cm |  Weight: 9.8kg

Sizes available: 12.5” 13” 14“ 15” ( 31.75cm – 38cm)

Key Features:

Innovative sleeker design |  Butterfly rigging |  Hand made from oak tanned |  leather  |   Fancy rawhide Cheyenne roll & edge stamping |  Suede seat

(Please note that sizes and weight may vary slightly as all saddles are handmade)