Pro Sport Poley – All Rough Out

(Fender Saddle)

 Price : $2,650 (Bare)

All Rough Out Pro Sport saddle, designed specifically for the Australian sporting disciplines of Campdrafting, Polocross, Team Penning, Horse Ball and general Sporting. This half breed saddle is full rough out leather and has traditional knee pads and seat for the rider and a skirted medical grade synthetic sheepskin underside to distribute weight on your horse for superior horse comfort. Naturally oak tanned leather is used to make this saddle .

(downloadable .pdf info. sheet )


Full Stock Horse Tree Bars  |   Cantle: 3¼ ” (8cm) |   Seat dish: 1” (2.5cm) |   Weight: 9kg |   Cantle 3.5”

Sizes available: 14” 15” 16” 17” 17.5” ( 35.5cm – 44.5cm)

(Please note that sizes and weight may vary slightly as all saddles are handmade)